Our Family

Gay dads

“Every family is different!”

We have been using that phrase in our home since our son first started talking. Now, he repeats it all the time. He will say, “Every family is different! Some families have two moms, some have two dads, some have a mom and a dad, some have one mom, some have one dad.” It helps to normalize our family in a society where we are often seen as different.

Even though we are a two dad family, we aren’t any different than other families. Our day-to-day life looks exactly like any other family. We roll out of the bed in the morning, stumble to the coffee pot, sit in silence for a few minutes until we hear our son’s feet hit the floor (we love him so much but why can’t he sleep in past 6:30 am!?), and begin to prepare for the day. After we get home from work, we scramble to make dinner, run around the house doing chores, spend time together as a family, and then hope our son falls asleep before 8:30 pm so we can have some alone time…not that kind of alone time! Our alone time usually consists of sitting on the couch and trying to stay awake past 9 pm! See, our family is not any different than any other family!

gay dads
Michael (Left), Mason (Middle), Matthew (Right)

So, who are we? Our names are Michael, Matthew, and Mason. Many of our friends refer to us as M & M & M. We live in a quiet and friendly community in southern Nevada. We adopted Mason as a newborn through an open adoption. It was an amazing experience (despite some hurdles during the process) — we will share more details about our adoption journey in another blog post.

Mason will turn 5-years-old this year. It is hard to summarize a person in a blog posting but here is how we would describe him:

  • He is extremely energetic and started climbing the fridge, climbing us, and hanging off counters before he was 2-years-old.
  • He is very curious and loves to read books, build legos, and explore.
  • He is stubborn to the point of driving us crazy!
  • He has a huge sense of humor and loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. How many more times can we laugh at the joke, “Daddies, why did the chicken cross the road?”
  • He is very loving and shows it by giving us hugs throughout the day and constantly saying, “I love you daddies!”
  • He is terrified of bugs! The first time we heard him shrieking at the top of his lungs outside, we were convinced something terrible had happened. As we rushed outside, we discovered the culprit…a fly!

If it were not for Mason, our day-to-day life would be pretty boring! You can usually find us at home, at the bookstore, taking a walk in the park, or at a restaurant. In terms of our professional life, Michael is a professor and Matthew works in the technology field.

Even though we do not live an overly exciting life, we want to share our journey as a two dad family. We want to inform and educate others about our family’s journey. We want to inspire other same-sex couples to create a family and to inspire people to just be kind to one another. And we want to spread love!

Love, M & M & M